[How to] Create Snippet Without Breaking Word in PHP

substr long text wo breaking word 1.jpg-img
Hello there, I am back with new script to create snippet of long text without breaking word. Recently I have been working on a friend's site he asked me to make create snip[...] Read More
2019-10-07 18889 1 Minute(s) Read 21 pujan

[How to] Create Time Ago in PHP

php time ago function thumbnail.jpg-img
 Hello there, After a long time I am back with simple and little tricky but widely used code. If you want to create time ago system just like facebook. This is just a s[...] Read More
2019-03-15 8995 1 Minute(s) Read 64 pujan

Create Guestbook in PHP

Guestbook is not mandatory for site but if you want to have a guestbook where visitor of your site leaves message publicly then this post is for you. Guestbook is a better way to show your site's f[...] Read More
2019-02-24 12129 3 Minute(s) Read 67 pujan

Create Simple Pageview Counter in PHP

thumb pageview counter php.jpg-img
Some website owner wants to display total pageviews on their web so far. This gives visitor an impression, a psychological impression. If you also want to display total pageviews on your website th[...] Read More
2019-02-10 6863 1 Minute(s) Read 7 pujan

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