Simple PHP Tools

Base64 Encode/Decode

Simple, free and private Base64 Encoder and Decoder

Sha1/md5 Hash Encryptor

Encrypt your text to md5 or sha1 hash.

Password Generator

Simple, Powerful and secure password generator for your WiFi, Social account etc.

AD/BS Date Converter

Convert A.D. to B.S. or BS-AD For free.
Between (1975 B.S. to 2095 B.S.) or (1918 AD to 2039 AD)

Preeti, PCS Nepali, Kantipur to Unicode Converter

Convert Preeti, PCS Nepali or Kantipur texts to Unicode For Free

Gold Weight Converter

Free Online Gold Weight Calculator || Tola, Aana, Lal to Gram or Vice-versa Converter

Number to Nepali Words Converter

Convert number upto 10 Kharba to Nepali Words

Tambola Ticket Generator

Generate and Print Housie/Tambola/Bingo tickets for free.

SIP Calculator

Calculate your Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Nepal. Estimate your returns based on your investment amount, annual return rate, and investment period.